Gonal-f® RFF Redi-ject® Pen

About Gonal-f® RFF Redi-ject® Pen

The Gonal-f® RFF Redi-ject® Pen contains a manufactured version of a hormone found naturally in the body called follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). FSH, in combination with another hormone called LH (luteinizing hormone), is responsible for the growth of eggs in the ovaries during the menstrual cycle. The Gonal-f® RFF Redi-ject® Pen is prescribed to women as a daily subcutaneous (under the skin) injection for approximately 8-12 days to help stimulate the growth and maturation of multiple eggs during fertility treatment such as IVF. It may also be prescribed to men to help improve sperm production.

The Gonal-f® RFF Redi-ject® Pen allows for dosing in 12.5 IU increments, from a minimum dose of 37.5 IU to a maximum dose of 300 IU (300 IU pen) or 450 IU (450 IU and 900 IU pens).

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